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Compassionate Domestic Violence attorneys in Panama City

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or if you have been accused of committing domestic violence, you know that it can be a very confusing and frightening experience.

Florida provides protection to a victim of domestic violence by authorizing the court to enter a domestic violence injunction that can order the batterer to stay away from the victim, their residence, place of employment, and their children's schools and child care. Such an injunction can also provide for temporary support, temporary time-sharing with the parties' child or children, and one party can be granted the exclusive use and possession of their joint residence. The court can also order the alleged batterer to attend various programs, such as substance abuse counseling and/or batterer's intervention counseling. The court can also order the removal of all of the batterer's firearms if the injunction is granted.

If you are the victim, all of these protections may be just what is needed to keep you and your children safe, and the batterer from finding himself/herself in criminal trouble as well. If you are the alleged batterer, all of these measures that the court can impose against you may seem unwarranted and overwhelming.

The Reed Law attorneys are experienced in fighting to obtain a domestic violence injunction, as well as in defending against frivolous injunction petitions. Our attorneys also routinely represent individuals who have been criminally charged with domestic violence.

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