Later in life divorce — tales from the experienced

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Middle age and retirement can come with challenges. For some in Florida, one of those challenges is divorce. According to trends, more older individuals are considering ending their marriages than ever before. The issues faced by these individuals include financial, family and personal challenges. In a recent news story, a few folks shared their perspective on divorce after 50. 

Changing friendships and family relationships can be part of the post-marital landscape. Some were surprised by the reaction of their older children. People tend to think that waiting for the child to be older will limit the trauma to the child, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The good news is that children are adaptable and resilient, so a person should do what is best for them. Some of the people interviewed chose to enter therapy as a way of dealing with the changes in their family relationships and friendships after a breakup. 

Financial concerns also weigh heavily for people undergoing separation. If one has the luxury of doing so, a bit of exploratory preplanning in the career and education landscape can go a long way. That way, if extra support for education or career training is needed, it can potentially be part of the settlement. 

After the dust settles, many people begin to savor the new found freedom in their lives after separating from their partner. Getting to that state of enjoyment can be aided by careful preparation and knowledge. For many individuals in Florida, a divorce attorney is a helpful guide during the preparation. 

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