Celebrity ex faces domestic violence charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

For the second time this year, Nick Gordon, ex-boyfriend of late celebrity Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been arrested for fighting with his new girlfriend. The Florida man was charged with domestic violence following an incident that caused authorities to respond to his home. Charges against the man are expected to be dropped, as it has been reported that the girlfriend stopped cooperating with police. 

A previous charge was also related to the battery of Laura Leal, Mr. Gordon’s current girlfriend. In this incident, it has been reported that the two were arguing after she picked him up at a local bar. The woman reported being struck across the cheek and that her hair was pulled. Once the two arrived home, authorities were alerted to a possible domestic disturbance. 

When the police arrived, they allegedly observed Mr. Gordon with a cut to the thumb and that his girlfriend had a visible injury with dried blood. Mr. Gordon claimed that he wanted the woman to leave his home for attacking him, but the visible injury led the police to charge him with domestic violence. He was arrested and charged while police gathered evidence, but the girlfriend decided not to press charges and stopped cooperating with the authorities. 

The situation between the two appears to be volatile, since this is not the first domestic dispute. The Florida couple may be working to patch up their differences, but for some couples, intimate partner violence becomes a serious issue in the relationship and needs to be addressed. In cases of domestic violence, some individuals feel that they would benefit from an order of protection. For more help, many people use a family law attorney when getting a restraining order. 

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