Choosing an affordable assisted living facility

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Parents — they grow up so fast. Much like when your parents sent you off to summer camp, school or your first home away from home, the time may be coming for you to help them move into a new community.

But, before making a senior living decision, it’s important that the costs are accounted for. Read on to learn about how to choose an affordable senior living facility.

Look at assisted living before nursing homes

Assisted living generally costs much less than nursing home care. This can be partly due to price variations in resident services, such as bathing, dressing and medication management.

Choose tech alternatives to assisted daily living services

In an assisted living center, residents may be offered convenience services for additional costs. These services may include housekeeping chores, such as laundry, dishwashing and vacuuming. In some facilities, specialized services may also be available, such as appointment scheduling, hairdressing and physical or memory therapy.

While some cases may warrant the extra cash, technology alternatives may be a better investment for some of these services. Automatic vacuuming, for example, can be done by simply flipping the switch of a Roomba.

New technology being developed may also lend a hand to elder adults soon. For instance, Google recently presented an AI demo for an automatic assistant that can make appointments for you by interacting with people naturally.

File for benefits

Similarly to the way college tuition can be lowered with scholarships, the cost of an assisted living center may also be significantly lowered. If applicable, an estate planning attorney can help your parents file for Veterans’ benefits, Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income to help lower the cost of living.

Talk to an estate planning attorney

An estate planning attorney can help review your parent’s current financial affairs to plan for long-term care costs and find financial solutions. Contact an estate planning attorney to learn more about which options may be available to assist your parents in finding a fun and affordable assisted living center.