No excuse for domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Being a police officer can be a very stressful profession. Seeing violence day in and day out can be wearing and frustrating. Regardless, there is never an excuse for domestic violence. A Florida police officer recently resigned from the force after being accused of domestic abuse.

The officer was arrested after being accused of assaulting his girlfriend and also pulling a gun on her. There were reportedly children in the home at the time of the incident. The couple have one child together.

During an argument, the officer’s girlfriend attempted to lock herself, her child and another little girl in a bedroom for safety. The officer allegedly broke the door down and reportedly proceeded to assault his girlfriend by pushing her, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her up against a wall. Reportedly, he pulled a gun and she managed to disarm him. As the argument continued, the woman reportedly grabbed a knife and cut the officer on the wrist, thereby managing to escape. The physical evidence at the scene is said to back up the woman’s account of what happened.

Domestic violence is horrific and no one should have to live in a situation where the threat of domestic violence exists. A person confronted with such a situation in Florida needs to know that there are ways to get help. A family law attorney who has experience in dealing with domestic abuse cases may be able to offer a person options. A knowledgeable lawyer may know of shelters to protect a person and one’s children while dealing with the situation through the court system.