Uncontested divorce uses cooperation to avoid snarling

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You were young and in love when you got married. Now, at least you’re still young. If you can say the same for your marriage, parting ways may not be as difficult as you might think.

An uncontested divorce may be the best answer for bringing a marriage to a close when there isn’t a lot of entangled assets. It will require you and your spouse to work together, but there can be immediate benefits that still pay dividends for years to come.

Working together to separate

Working with your partner may be in both your best interests:

  • Cost: Going to court can cost you in both time and money. On average, a divorce costs around $15,000 per person. You’ll likely pay more the longer the process goes on, stretched out over time as you try to wedge yourself into the court docket. In an uncontested divorce, you could only be out a fraction of that.
  • Quietly: While a contested divorce can happen in the courtroom in front of prying eyes, and will leave a trail across public records, an uncontested divorce can happen behind closed doors. You’ll be working with your partner to determine the specifics of your agreement. Your final draft, not your deliberations, will be presented to the court.
  • Cooperative: An uncontested divorce works best when you work together, and this process can help you deal with problems on your terms. In court, the judge will likely make the decisions regarding your agreement, and the process could leave behind hard feelings.

Working toward a compromise with your partner can mean a simpler divorce process. Cooperatively ending your marriage before it gets too long in the tooth can allow for a less costly course to beginning the next stage of your life.