How education impacts divorce rates

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Divorce |

Research has found that age and education are the two most important factors in determining if a marriage will last. As a general rule, Florida residents and others who have gone to college earn more money per year than those who have not graduated from college. Furthermore, those who do well in school are more likely to do well at work. Individuals who have successful careers tend to have lower levels of stress, which allows them to have happier personal relationships.

For women, having a college degree significantly increases the odds that their marriages will last. A study from the Pew Research Center found that a woman with a college degree has a 78% chance of a successful marriage. Women with a high school diploma had a 40% chance of being a part of a successful marriage. Generally speaking, those with a higher level of education had a greater level of financial stability.

Those who choose to establish themselves as professionals before getting married tend to have more successful marriages regardless of their gender. This is because both parties to a marriage are more likely to feel as if they are equal partners in the relationship. Younger people are more likely to seek financial stability before looking to get involved in a long-term relationship, and the divorce rate among millennials tends to be lower than other generations.

A person who seeking a divorce may want to first seek the advice of a family law attorney who may be able to talk more about how state law could determine how assets are divided or who gets custody of a child. An attorney may be able to represent an individual regardless of whether that person chooses to settle a divorce through mediation or in court.