Why an empty home may result in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Divorce |

Florida residents who are 50 or older may be more likely to get a divorce compared to those in other age groups. In many cases, older couples get divorced after their adult sons or daughters decide to live on their own. Often, raising a child was the common task that kept them together despite the problems that developed in their relationships. After that child leaves, there may be no reason to pretend that these issues don’t exist.

It is also possible that an individual has changed significantly during the many years spent raising his or her children. Ultimately, a person may no longer find his or her spouse to be an adequate romantic partner. Those who are worried that their marriages might be in trouble once their sons or daughters leave home should express their concerns as soon as possible.

Doing so may allow a couple to work through their problems or ensure that they are ready to handle any challenges that may arise from living in an emptier home. For instance, an individual may want to spend time learning more about a spouse’s hobbies as a way to spend more time with that person. Couples may also want to travel or participate in events together to help rekindle their relationships.

Individuals who are thinking about ending their marriages may need help negotiating a fair divorce settlement. A family law attorney may help a person obtain alimony, possession of a marital home or other assets that were accumulated during a marriage. An attorney may be able to help negotiate a divorce settlement based solely on the facts of the case. Making decisions based on facts as opposed to emotions may allow a person to come to a settlement in a timely and affordable manner.