Documents to bring to a divorce lawyer’s office

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A Florida divorce can take some time to resolve between the negotiations and the filings in court. Thus, it is important to economize on time where possible. One of the best ways to ensure a speedier process is to be prepared at all points. This starts with a person’s very first visit to their lawyer.

The lawyer will likely need documentation in order to do their job efficiently. They need to know the exact contours and value of the marital estate in order to devise a strategy for the divorce negotiations. This means that a client should come prepared with the right documents at the beginning of the process.

Some of the key documents that the lawyer would need include those that establish how much each of the spouses earns. They will also need tax returns and account statements for things such as investment and retirement accounts. If there are any debts, the lawyer will also need their documentation. In other words, paperwork that establishes the net worth and everything that could be a part of the divorce agreement is necessary to provide. Given the cost of a lawyer’s time, it would be more economical to give the physical paperwork up front than to provide this information in response to questions. Moreover, it will allow the lawyer to get to work right away to help their client.

The average person may struggle with handling the details of a divorce on their own without help. A family law attorney is familiar with the process and may help their client get organized at the outset. They know how to begin the proceeding and each step that divorce entails. This may help ease the emotional burden that their client is feeling as they cope with something that is traumatic and stressful.