How to approach an amicable divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Divorce |

When people in Florida are going through a divorce, their friends may be eager to share well-meaning but unsolicited advice. However, it is best to only take advice from professionals. In fact, people may want to avoid talking about the divorce with anyone else.

In addition to an attorney, one of the professionals a person may want to consider taking advice from is a financial planner. They can help people understand their options as they review their marital finances, track expenses and make a budget for life during and after divorce. Eventually, joint accounts may need to be closed, but people may want to discuss a timeline with an attorney to ensure that they do not take steps with joint assets that are not permitted. People who do not have their own credit record should start trying to establish one.

Many people will need to seek new health insurance for themselves and their children after the divorce, and some will need to change their names. They might also need to change their estate plans, including beneficiary designations. During the divorce itself, people should try to keep in mind that it can be best to set aside their emotions and work toward a financial solution that is best for both individuals.

An attorney might be able to assist a person in planning for negotiations over property division that focuses on this. They may also be able to help the person reach an agreement with the other spouse regarding child custody. Negotiating can be cheaper, faster and less stressful than litigation, and it gives individuals the opportunity to create solutions that fit their particular needs and that of their family. For example, the custodial parent may want to keep the home while the other parent takes an asset of similar value.