What is an uncontested divorce?

| Mar 2, 2021 | Collaborative Family Law |

If you want to get divorced in the state of Florida, you might not have to enter a lengthy court battle. Instead, you could apply for an uncontested divorce that settles the matter out of court. However, you and your estranged spouse will have to agree on virtually everything before you apply.

How can you apply for an uncontested divorce?

To file for an uncontested divorce, you’ll have to get the divorce papers from a local court. To qualify, at least one of the parties involved must have lived in Florida for the last six months. You’ll also have to take a parenting class before you can get divorced. If you have children of a certain age, the law requires them to take a children’s class to prepare them for the divorce.

Filing for an uncontested divorce doesn’t mean that you don’t need an attorney. You could still hire a divorce attorney to help you manage paperwork, file your divorce papers and complete other tasks. However, your attorney won’t have to get heavily involved if you and your estranged spouse agree on everything. This means that you’ll have to agree on property and asset division, debt payment, childcare and everything else that you have to settle in a divorce.

If you and your former spouse agree on everything, you can file for an uncontested divorce and get the divorce wrapped up as soon as possible. However, if you disagree on even a single issue, you’ll have to file for a contested divorce.

Do you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is easier than a contested divorce, but it still has its own set of challenges. An attorney could help you file for divorce, serve your estranged spouse with the papers and do everything else you need to do to end your marriage.

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