Should you file for an uncontested divorce?

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Florida couples who are thinking of going through a divorce may believe that it’s going to be costly and messy to deal with. The truth is that if you plan your divorce appropriately, it shouldn’t be really difficult or take a great investment of time. One surefire way to speed up the process and allow you and your former spouse to get on with your lives is to file for an uncontested divorce.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorces, in general, may be sought out by any married couple. With this type of divorce, both spouses work together to come up with a settlement arrangement that they both agree to. They will then proceed to file the paperwork together and submit their settlement for the judge to review.

Coming up with a fair settlement

If your divorce is ending on amicable terms, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to come up with a settlement that you and your estranged spouse agreed to. Before you get started on the settlement, there are a couple of things you’re going to want to do. First, you’re going to want to come up with a plan for where you’re going to live and what your income is going to look like post-divorce. Take the time to come up with a list of all of your marital assets like your cars, homes and retirement accounts. In addition, you’ll want to research what the fees are for filing for an uncontested divorce in your state so that you’re financially prepared to handle the process.

While many divorces do end up being very messy and time-consuming, not all of them have to. If you and your former spouse are still on amicable terms at the end of your marriage, you may want to file for an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce can help save you a lot of time, emotional pain and a lot of money as well.