Is bird nesting right for you?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Collaborative Family Law |

When going through a divorce as a parent, your child will always end up on your mind. How can you make this less difficult for them? How can you limit their pain and suffering? What can you do to provide them with even a little more stability?

This is where bird nesting comes into play. This co-parenting option may serve you well in your time of need.

What is bird nesting?

Divorce Mag discusses the benefits associated with bird nesting, a form of co-parenting. Named after the behavior of parent birds and their interactions with their babies, bird nesting allows a child some sense of stability. Instead of forcing the child to move between you and your co-parent’s house in accordance with a visitation schedule, they will remain within the family home. You and your co-parent will take turns living with them instead.

Needing a place to stay

During your “off duty” days, you will need an additional place to stay that is preferably not too far from the main residence. You may want to rent a small apartment or consider setting up temporary living arrangements with a friend or family member.

This option is good for co-parents who cannot yet co-exist well enough to continue sharing the family home through the split but can also cooperate enough to co-parent together, even in a hands-off way.

It also benefits children for numerous reasons, including the sense of security and stability that staying in a familiar location can bring about. Eliminating the stressors and worries your child must face will allow them to process the situation at large in an easier way.