Is litigation the only option for divorce?

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Divorce is a sticky situation for any couple. Not only is this period of time fraught with emotional turmoil and intensity, but the mere idea of going to court and having to spend all of that time and money can add enormous additional stress.

But such court battles only rage on in the event that a couple decides to litigate. Fortunately for everyone, litigation is not the only option for those seeking to split from their partner.

Relying on a mediator

Forbes discusses potential ways to handle divorce that does not involve litigation. The two most popular are collaborative law and mediation.

In mediation, a mediator will help both parties reach their final decision. This person does not hold any legal power like a judge or arbitrator, so they cannot make decisions on behalf of the couple. They can, however, make sure that arguments do not get out of hand and that everyone has a fair chance to speak.

They also offer unique advice and opinions coming from a neutral place. This often provides good insight that neither of the divorcing couple can reach on their own due to their emotionally mired positions in the situation.

Using collaboration

With collaborative law, both parties have legal representation. Meetings happen with all four parties, and the couple will sign a no-court agreement. The attorneys may suggest the involvement of a mediator, or they may simply help the couple work through the situation on their own.

Both options have their benefits and potential drawbacks, but they will help a couple save time and money compared to litigation.