What your personal representative should know

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When you draft your Florida will, you may, too, decide to name someone the personal representative over your estate. The role of the personal representative is to oversee the distributions from your estate and tie up any necessary loose ends with regard to other areas, such as debts. It is wise to choose a personal representative that you have a good deal of trust in. However, there are certain steps you might take along the way to make this person’s job easier.

According to AARP, you may wish to create a document known as a “last letter of instruction” that gives your personal representative informal instructions about your after-death wishes. In this document, or through other means, you should also make sure your personal representative knows the following.

Who to notify

Your personal representative is going to notify your beneficiaries after your death, but other groups or parties may also need to know. For example, if you are a member of a certain club or group, you may need to have your personal representative notify the leader of that club or group about your passing.

Where to find your will

You should also ensure your personal representative knows where to find the original version of your will. If you have your attorney holding it, or if you stored it somewhere through electronic means, make sure your personal representative knows where and how to get to it.

You may also want to make sure your personal representative knows how to access your online accounts and how to conceal any secrets you want hidden among other possible instructions you may want to provide.