Reasons why the traditional divorce process is outdated

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No one gets married thinking that they will end up divorced. But in the United States, that is what happens to almost 50% of married couples.

For many years, divorce was a nasty and expensive process. That model is obsolete today. There are better ways to end a marriage and move on to your next chapter.

What is wrong with the traditional divorce process?

The traditional divorce process is overly complicated and inefficient. It also costs far too much in both time and money.

Our legal system defines divorce as a civil lawsuit. By their very nature, lawsuits are confrontations that pit two parties against each other. Instead of encouraging cooperation, the courts create an antagonistic environment. Additionally, the legal process is procedurally confusing and often ill-defined. Navigating the system is unnecessarily difficult.

What are some modern alternatives?

Today we have new ways of dissolving a marriage that do not involve fighting and bickering. You and your spouse can choose to work together instead.

Uncontested divorce

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to all of the terms regarding their divorce before they approach the court. This eliminates the need for posturing and arguing, and reduces finalizing your divorce to simply filing paperwork.

Collaborative divorce

If you and your spouse are having trouble agreeing on terms but do not want to engage in a confrontational lawsuit, a collaborative divorce may be right for you. Each of you will have a supportive team of professionals to help peacefully resolve your issues and calmly make decisions about the future of your family.

Choosing a modern end to a modern marriage makes good sense. Consider these new ways to build your future.