Is an uncontested divorce possible?

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Separating from a spouse is a stressor from beginning to end. Even if you and your spouse do not agree on all issues, is an uncontested divorce possible?

If you wish to get through the legal process without dragging your personal life through the public record, an uncontested divorce may prove a viable option. You may enlist the assistance of a mediator to reach a conclusion.

What does an uncontested divorce mean?

When you and your spouse can agree on every issue the court requires to issue your divorce decree, you may file for an uncontested divorce. Your divorce may take much less time and cost substantially less if you and your spouse can go this route. The emotional hardship may not prove as extreme during an uncontested divorce.

What are the options to get to an agreement?

If you believe you and your spouse can get on the same page with guidance, you may leave yourselves in the running for an uncontested divorce proceeding. You may want to enlist the help of a mediator to get you both to agree on the requisite issues. Remember, if you have children, you must agree on custody and parenting time before a judge grants your divorce. A mediator may help you develop a parenting plan to accomplish what the court requires concerning children.

What if you cannot reach an agreement?

Should you and your spouse not reach an agreement, you may file for dissolution of marriage and continue through the court. This does not mean you and your spouse will not reach a settlement at some point in the process, but it does end the uncontested route.

An uncontested divorce works if you and your spouse believe you can reach a solution without litigation.