Unpaid child support and your ability to travel

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It is very important to familiarize yourself with the different consequences that you could face if you fail to pay child support as a non-custodial parent. Aside from the possibility of losing your driving privileges and your tax refund, you could have to spend time behind bars. In addition, you could also lose your passport privileges.

Some parents have their passports revoked due to unpaid child support. Passport revocation could shatter your plans, whether you need to visit another country for business purposes or you have an important family event taking place overseas. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with passport denial and revocation and take steps to address this issue promptly.

When does the government stop travel over back child support?

The Administration for Children and Families provides an overview of passport revocation and denial as a result of unpaid child support. The ACS states that when a parent who owes support falls at least $2,500 behind on their obligations, they lose their passport privileges. For example, if you try to apply for a passport in this position, the government will reject your application. Even if you have a valid passport, it could become revoked if you turn it over to a passport agent to update your picture, change your name, add pages or obtain a new passport due to damage.

How can you address back child support to restore privileges?

If you have lost your passport or the government rejected your application, you can take steps to restore your privileges. Reach out to your state’s child support agency and try to make payment arrangements. Setting up a child support payment plan and paying arrears could clear your name and allow you to secure a passport.