Child support payment methods in Florida

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If you currently pay child support or expect to owe support after splitting up with your spouse, it is extremely important to understand your obligations. Aside from the amount of money you owe, you could benefit from reviewing various payment methods.

Often, parents pay child support through income withholding. However, you should look over your options if you do not have child support taken out of your check.

Going over child support payment options

The Florida Department of Revenue covers the different ways that you can make child support payments in this state. By visiting the state’s online payment center, you can register your bank account and pay via electronic check without incurring any fees. Additionally, you can pay in cash at certain retail locations or make an online payment with your credit card or debit card, although fees apply.

You can also submit child support payments through certain money transfer services or by mailing a payment to the state. Make sure you review processing times and include all necessary information correctly when making a payment.

The importance of paying child support on time

Finding the most efficient way to pay child support can make it easier to stay caught up and reduce your chances of falling behind. After all, missing child support payments can lead to a series of financial penalties and other repercussions that disrupt your life (such as losing your driving privileges or passport).

Whether you pay child support with cash in person or by using your credit card online, it is pivotal to stay current.