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Panama City Family Law Blog

Is an uncontested divorce possible?

Separating from a spouse is a stressor from beginning to end. Even if you and your spouse do not agree on all issues, is an uncontested divorce possible? If you wish to get through the legal process without dragging your personal life through the public record, an...

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What can you expect from Florida probate?

If you live in Florida and you have recently lost a loved one, you may be wondering what you can expect from the probate process. Probate can be long and seem daunting. However, the more informed you are, the easier the process will be. What is probate? Probate, or...

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How may a team approach to divorce be beneficial?

People often equate divorce with heated emotions and long court battles. While this is the case for some divorcing couples, you and your spouse may be sincere in wanting to avoid an acrimonious breakup in court. The good news is that the team-focused approach of...

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Benefits of a trust versus a will

You may know that a trust is one of many tools you might use to plan for your and your Florida family’s future, but you may not have a comprehensive understanding of how a trust works or why one might benefit you. While a will gives you a chance to say who you want to...

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Approaching child custody as a father

If you have kids and want to end your marriage, it is particularly important to focus on child custody matters. Sometimes, parents can work together and handle custody issues in an amicable manner. In other instances, a bitter dispute can arise, and some fathers might...

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