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Do you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is an easy type of divorce in Florida and around the country. Instead of arguing for weeks in court, you and your estranged spouse could simply agree to the terms and move on with your lives. This could save you thousands of dollars in court and...

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Do you need a trust or a will?

Florida adults know that estate planning is a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, many people get confused about the various terms that are thrown around regarding the topic of estate planning. Two of the most important for people to understand are wills and...

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What happens during mediation?

Some Florida couples will opt for or be ordered by a judge to use the process of mediation to resolve the issues in their divorce. Mediation does not work for all parties, and some couples will need to head back to court. However, mediation does provide many benefits...

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Should you file for an uncontested divorce?

Florida couples who are thinking of going through a divorce may believe that it's going to be costly and messy to deal with. The truth is that if you plan your divorce appropriately, it shouldn't be really difficult or take a great investment of time. One surefire way...

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Can you legally disinherit a child?

Cutting a child or grandchild out of the will is often a common plot in television shows and movies, but this can occur in real life as well. If you are seriously considering disinheriting a child during your estate planning process in Florida, here are some important...

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