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By Your Side For All Elder Law And Estate Planning Issues

Please do not ignore your elder law estate planning needs. A comprehensive estate plan often resolves many complex legal issues before they ever arise. These involve some of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your wishes regarding medical care are carried out if you are unable to express them yourself. Such a plan can also ensure that your final property wishes for your loved ones are respected after you pass away.

Understanding elder law and estate planning options can be a complex undertaking. The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Reed Law can help you identify which estate planning options are best for you.

Compassionate Attorney Representation Regarding Your Elderly Needs

Reed Law works with the elderly regarding a wide variety of concerns. We can assist you and your family with probate issues. We provide long-term guidance concerning matters such as Medicaid planning and other medical care requirements. We will review your circumstances and listen closely to your needs and desires. Our No. 1 concern is you.

Elder Law And Estate Planning Services We Provide

Our elder law lawyers routinely review and prepare a variety of elder law and estate planning tools for everyone we represent. This includes:

Wills: Wills govern the distribution of your assets after you pass away. When an individual dies without a will (known as dying intestate), the estate is distributed by the rules of intestacy established by Florida statutes.

Trusts: A trust is an instrument that contains assets managed for the benefit of a beneficiary. Trusts serve a variety of purposes, including sheltering assets from probate, providing for children with special needs and providing control over the distribution of the money in the trust.

Guardianships: A guardianship allows for one individual to make health care and financial determinations for another person. This can apply to children or to adults who are no longer able to take care of themselves.

Power of attorney: This is a legal document granting another person the authority to act on behalf of someone else. This can include making determinations regarding finances, health care and other important matters.

Probate representation: The probate process concerns the distribution of estate assets in accordance with the law. While certain estate planning tools can prevent certain assets from going through the probate process, there are many instances when probate representation is essential in settling controversies.

As attention to detail and deadlines is of utmost importance concerning such services, the attorneys at Reed Law will prepare all tools regarding this area of law carefully while making certain that all processes go smoothly.

What An Estate Plan Can Do For You

Regardless of the size or complexity of your estate, an estate plan can identify the family members and other loved ones you wish to receive your property after your death. It ensures a seamless transfer of your property in accordance with your specifications. Finally, it can avoid or reduce the time and costs associated with the probate process.

In an estate plan, you can dictate the kinds of life-prolonging care you wish to receive. You can also state the kind of funeral arrangements you would like and make determinations regarding the payment of such expenses.

Contact Us To Learn More

To speak to our estate planning attorneys, please contact Reed Law in Panama City, Florida, by calling 850-250-4260. We provide estate planning services for individuals throughout northwest Florida and along the Emerald Coast.

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