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Collaborative law could limit contention during divorce

Ending a marriage is typically a traumatic process that could be exacerbated by the presence of contention. However, collaborative law offers couples in Florida and elsewhere the opportunity to finalize a divorce amicably. Those who can sit down together and negotiate an agreement can save time and money, and they might even limit the conflict and trauma.

Collaborative law and divorce

Divorce and child custody battles can be ugly. Exposing children to family battles around custody and divorce issues can be traumatizing and have lasting effects. But it doesn't have to be that way. Collaborative law is a family law version of alternative dispute resolution that is gaining in popularity in Florida and across the country.

Collaborative law can provide a friendlier divorce

Gray divorce is a term used to describe older couples who are seeking to divorce in Florida. It is becoming a more commonplace phenomenon among baby boomers and older Americans. While divorce is never easy, there is a friendlier alternative to the court litigated procedure. It is called mediation or a collaborative divorce. Collaborative law is becoming more accepted and available.

Think financially during a divorce

The end of a marriage is a challenge for everyone involved. The process can be emotionally draining and full of lifestyle adjustments. A divorce can also be financially draining, but there are some common ways to diminish the financial effects of ending a marriage. A Florida resident facing a marital dissolution may want to take steps to avoid additional problems as he or she goes through what can be a trying time. 

Collaborative law can help ease divorce stress

A newer method of resolving marital issues was recently discussed in a news article. Collaborative law, as it is known, allows individuals to work together with lawyers, mental health professionals and financial advisers (among other professionals) to reach an end-of-marriage solution with greater control of the process. This option is available to residents of Florida and may appeal to people for a variety of reasons. 

During divorce, make sure retirement accounts are split correctly

One of the blessings of the do-it-yourself age is that individuals can easily access the means to complete legal transactions. Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself approach does not train individuals in the legal specifics or account for considerations regarding certain circumstances. In most cases, it is preferable to contact a lawyer to avoid costly blunders. This is especially true for splitting retirement accounts during a divorce in Florida. 

Divorce can provide a productive reshuffling

Most people will experience a life-changing event at least once in their lifetime. For many, a divorce changes their lives in dramatic ways. Whether they choose a collaborative approach, or whether the dissolution is adversarial, divorced people will contend with similar lifestyle changes and issues. Some experts think that one can adjust more readily to the challenges of post-divorce lifestyle with just a few minutes per day of focused activity. Florida folks facing the end of their marriage may take comfort in learning about strategies to improve their lives after a breakup. 

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