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Navigating a military divorce

Deciding to split is always painful, and the process is very draining. For active duty military members, there are many additional considerations as well. They are not much more complicated than any other divorce, but they do require special attention and expertise.

Is an amicable divorce even possible?

Divorce isn't exactly a fun process. Going through a divorce can bring out the worst in people, even for couples who are on fairly good terms. Perhaps you and your spouse agreed to remain amicable while divorcing, but along the way have felt so much strain that your relationship has become negative. You may be wondering: Is it even possible to have an amicable divorce?

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

Going through divorce is never easy, but some couples do not realize they have choices about how the process takes place. Litigation in court is not the only option. Collaborative law allows couples to reach their own divorce agreement through methods such as mediation. However, collaborative law is not the right choice for everyone.

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