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Child support payment methods in Florida

If you currently pay child support or expect to owe support after splitting up with your spouse, it is extremely important to understand your obligations. Aside from the amount of money you owe, you could benefit from reviewing various payment methods. Often, parents...

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What is different about collaborative divorce?

The mention of divorce likely brings to mind images of contentious arguments in a courtroom setting. If you are willing to divorce on decent terms with your spouse, though, there is a much more graceful and mutually-beneficial way to go about it. Collaborative divorce...

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How should you choose an executor?

Choosing someone to take control of your estate upon your death requires thought and, most times, communication. You want to choose someone who will honor your wishes, but does this mean you have to convey them beforehand? Florida probate code demands that personal...

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What are the different types of trusts?

Trusts can meet the financial needs of a family making estate plans. Different types of trusts exist that can offer tax advantages and eliminate the need for probate. When a family understands their options, they can make a beneficial decision. What does a trust do?...

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