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Co-parenting after divorce

Florida residents fall in love, get married and start families that they intend to nurture and love into adulthood and beyond. Regardless of the intentions, many families break up via divorce while the children are still very young. Parents, by the very nature of...

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Divorce need not be contentious

The decision to end a marriage is not an easy one and one that is seldom made lightly in Florida. The hurt and anger that so often follow the decision to divorce can be a challenge to deal with particularly when young children are involved. There are steps...

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War as a metaphor for divorce

The language of war can be a metaphor for the ending of a marriage. And like a war, a divorce can have a lasting and detrimental affect on one's life. A war can be full of minefields, harmful explosions and crippling injuries. A contentious divorce in Florida can...

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