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Approaching child custody as a father

If you have kids and want to end your marriage, it is particularly important to focus on child custody matters. Sometimes, parents can work together and handle custody issues in an amicable manner. In other instances, a bitter dispute can arise, and some fathers might...

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Do you need a power of attorney?

The fundamental element of your estate plan is a will that passes through probate court. However, there are other documents you should incorporate into your planning to diversify your estate and even help yourself while still alive. A power of attorney document is one...

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Is litigation the only option for divorce?

Divorce is a sticky situation for any couple. Not only is this period of time fraught with emotional turmoil and intensity, but the mere idea of going to court and having to spend all of that time and money can add enormous additional stress. But such court battles...

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How to file for an uncontested divorce

When you and your spouse decide to go separate ways, an uncontested divorce may be a benefit. Even if you agree to the split, you must follow the legal dissolution of marriage process. Draft a marital agreement Discussing the terms of your divorce is necessary to...

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How may I update my child support order?

The child support payment amount that you either send or receive generally reflects each spouse’s income at the time of your divorce. If your circumstances have changed, you may modify your order, as noted by the Florida Department of Revenue. Until the court...

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Pros and cons of getting an amicable divorce

For many couples, the thought of going through a divorce is overwhelming. If you and your spouse want to end your marriage without the undue stress, financial burden and time commitment of a contested divorce, you have a better option. Advantages of an uncontested...

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