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A basic estate planning checklist

Floridians who are preparing to create estate plans can follow a simple checklist to simplify the process. Estate planning should be viewed as an ongoing process instead of the creation of static documents. Preparing properly and following some simple tips can help to...

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Preparing for incapacity

It is a reality of life that people think that nothing bad will happen to them. This is why many Florida families end up in a lurch when a loved one ends up incapacitated. This is something that you can plan for ahead of time as part of your estate plan. You can...

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Do you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is an easy type of divorce in Florida and around the country. Instead of arguing for weeks in court, you and your estranged spouse could simply agree to the terms and move on with your lives. This could save you thousands of dollars in court and...

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