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February 2018 Archives

Navigating a military divorce

Deciding to split is always painful, and the process is very draining. For active duty military members, there are many additional considerations as well. They are not much more complicated than any other divorce, but they do require special attention and expertise.

Shared child custody typically in the best interest of kids

An individual facing divorce proceedings may have questions about how to handle parenting with the soon-to-be ex. During this time, emotions run high, and it can be a challenge to make decisions about how to move forward. For many, a shared child custody plan will be a solution that is both in the child's best interest, and this notion is supported by evidence. In Florida, many parents choose shared custody after a divorce. 

Determining child support for families who own businesses

During the end of a marriage, the two parties will be planning to divide the marital assets and also provide for the children. For some, the family business is the most significant asset, but dividing it and determining its value can be tricky. Since child support calculations depend on accurate accounting of family finances, individuals in Florida who are divorcing and who have a family business may want to pay careful attention to how this asset is handled during the divorce process. 

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