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November 2017 Archives

Child custody in the interim

There are many issues that need quick resolution when a married couple separates. From questions about shared bank accounts and credit cards to housing and income concerns, a freshly divorcing couple will have to address it all. One particularly important issue is the question of child custody, if the couple has children together. Individuals in Florida may be wondering how to handle child custody concerns in the interim, before a legal agreement is created, and also when negotiating a permanent agreement. 

During divorce, make sure retirement accounts are split correctly

One of the blessings of the do-it-yourself age is that individuals can easily access the means to complete legal transactions. Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself approach does not train individuals in the legal specifics or account for considerations regarding certain circumstances. In most cases, it is preferable to contact a lawyer to avoid costly blunders. This is especially true for splitting retirement accounts during a divorce in Florida. 

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