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September 2017 Archives

A daughter may increase divorce risk, study says

Arguments over curfews, makeup and dating aren't the only risks associated with raising a teenage daughter. Scientific research shows that a marriage is more likely to fail under the strain of raising girls. Luckily, the effects on divorce are slight and may have more to do with traditional gender norms than women themselves. Florida families may be able to glean some useful information from this recent family study. 

Does divorce mean a split from the child, too?

The end of a marriage, like many other endings, can be painful. An individual in Florida facing divorce will likely be grieving the loss of the romantic relationship, but is it necessary to grieve the loss of a child, too? Traditionally, courts have tended to award physical custody to one parent or the other -- usually the mother -- since, in the past, the woman was more likely to stay at home and be the person responsible for child care. Fathers were sometimes separated out of a child's life. Family norms have changed, and recent research about custody arrangements shows that a new approach is supported by science. 

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