Digital dating can lead to domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Online dating is becoming more and more prevalent in our society and in Florida. But with the increased prevalence does not come increased safety. There are still far too many instances of domestic abuse that occur among people who have met online. One such case involves a woman who traveled to meet the man she met online. She became a domestic abuse victim.

The woman had met the man online, and after communicating for a period of time, she agreed to travel to meet him in person. He paid for her plane ticket to make the trip. During the time they were together the woman claimed that the man became increasingly abusive. At one point she claimed she was handcuffed and duct taped to a chair. She said her abuser threatened to shoot her and then kill himself.

The woman escaped and was able to place a call to 911. The man was arrested as a result of the call. He stated that the relationship had been consensual. He was taken to jail and charged with kidnapping and domestic abuse.

Meeting people online has become more accepted in today’s increasingly digital society. Dangers still exist. But even when precautions are taken a person could still find himself or herself in a domestic abuse situation in Florida. A person dealing with such a situation might be able to benefit from a consultation with an attorney. A lawyer may be able to advise a person on what legal paths are available and also inform a person as to what options are available to help ensure his or her safety.