No one should live in fear of domestic abuse

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Living in fear of violence in the home can give rise to anxiety, depression and fear for one’s life. No one in Florida should have to live in such a situation. Sadly, these situations are far too common. A recent series of reported incidents involving a Miami-Dade high school teacher is a current example of an alleged domestic abuse case.

The teacher, 6′ 8″ and 280 pounds, was recently arrested and charged with repeated incidents of abuse that allegedly took place over a four month period in 2017. The last reported beating is said to have included attempted strangulation, kicks to the ribs and to her back. The wife stated that her husband reminded her that he had experience and training in mixed martial arts (MMA). The argument was allegedly about the wife speaking with other women.

The husband was arrested after the November attack. The wife posted bond to secure his release from jail. The school where he worked as a teacher has said that the actions reported to have occurred are not considered appropriate for school employees, and they are moving to terminate the teacher’s position at the school.

No one in Florida should have to live in fear for his or her life as a result of domestic abuse. Anyone who finds him or herself in such a situation should speak with an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can advise the client on what legal options are available, such as a possible restraining order. An attorney may also have information on shelters where a person and his or her children would be safe from abuse.