Divorce, like marriage, can be successful

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Marriages begin with a promise and anticipation of a long partnership, building a family and growing old together. In reality, this is not always the case in Florida. People grow apart, goals change and couples may choose to separate. Divorce does not need to be contentious. Particularly if children are involved, an amicable separation and divorce is preferable.

Couples plan a wedding and marriage with an eye to what the future married life will look like. A collaborative divorce allows couples to plan a divorce in a similar way. Each party has an attorney but the couple agree to disclose all information, respectfully discuss issues and work out arrangements that are in the best interest of any children involved. The couple has more control over the schedule of proceedings, further reducing the stress level. This approach is less contentious and can provide for a healthy post divorce relationship for the entire family, and it is often faster and less expensive than a traditional litigated divorce.

One downside to a collaborative divorce is that if the process breaks down, the parties involved must start over with new attorneys. A litigated process can be long and drawn out and may be costly. If children are involved, there is a chance that a drawn out and stressful process will have a long term impact on them.

Divorce, like marriage, is not something one should treat lightly. If after consideration one comes to the conclusion that divorce is the best solution, professional guidance from an experienced family law attorney can ease the path in Florida. Many marriages are successful. Many divorces can be too.