War as a metaphor for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2019 | Divorce |

The language of war can be a metaphor for the ending of a marriage. And like a war, a divorce can have a lasting and detrimental affect on one’s life. A war can be full of minefields, harmful explosions and crippling injuries. A contentious divorce in Florida can also be full of minefields, explosions and injuries that can cause emotional harm to one’s former spouse and children.

There are steps that can be taken to lessen the harmful effects of a divorce, particularly where children are involved. People must realize that victory is not a realistic expectation and that no one is really the victor in a divorce. The goal should be to arrive at a truce that is agreeable to all parties. A divorce can mirror a marriage, and issues that caused problems in the marriage could become a minefields in the divorce. Being aware of this and being proactive to deal with contentious issues can disarm them before they explode.

Communication is key to a successful marriage, and it can also contribute to the failure or success of a divorce. Communication breakdown in a marriage can happen if one makes assumptions rather than asking questions or if one is focusing on his or her own argument and not listening to the other person. The same can be said of couples involved in a divorce. Listening to the other party and working to reach a compromise can lessen the contentious nature of the proceedings.

Divorce is not easy. Strong emotions are involved in both marriage and divorce. Giving into and acting on those emotions in a divorce can lead to more problems and can ultimately be costly, both emotionally and financially. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney in Florida can help one navigate the minefields to arrive at a peace that is acceptable to all.