How can you develop a successful parenting plan?

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You may find it challenging to work with your former spouse following a divorce. It may become more complicated if you have children because you need to work together for their best interests.

When developing a successful parenting plan, Today’s Parent has tips to make it easier.

Collaborate with your spouse

To collaborate, you may need to learn how to communicate with your ex. If you have difficulty speaking in person, you may want to talk through text or email. If you can communicate in person, setting aside dates to talk about your parenting obligations and the current parenting plan could make it easier for you and your ex to see eye to eye. When it comes to a text conversation, be careful not to answer if you feel angry or upset by a message. Sometimes, you need to take a step back to consider what you want to say.

Do not equate fair to equal

When developing your parenting plan, do not consider it fair to be equal. For example, if one of you has a higher income, it makes more sense for the person who makes more money to handle more of the expenses. You may both want to spend a percentage of your income, but not necessarily the same amount. Additionally, if you need to decide what happens when one person misses visitation, you may want to discuss how he or she can make it up, even if it means compromising.

When developing a new parenting plan, you need to stay professional rather than personal. Treat your ex how you would like a colleague.