How may I update my child support order?

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The child support payment amount that you either send or receive generally reflects each spouse’s income at the time of your divorce. If your circumstances have changed, you may modify your order, as noted by the Florida Department of Revenue.

Until the court approves, however, you must continue making or accepting the amount of your current payments to avoid legal action. When submitting a request, you may include proof of a permanent or an involuntary change in your economic condition.

What evidence may the court review?

A permanent change means that your circumstances have lasted for at least six months. You may include documentation to show a long-lasting condition such as an illness. As noted on, the amount of child support awarded during a divorce includes a child’s health care and personal care costs. If a doctor diagnosed your child with a medical condition, the court could approve a change to cover treatment costs.

An involuntary change to your circumstances may include an unexpected job loss. If your business shut down or you experienced a layoff, you may request a change in the support amount. Voluntary changes such as quitting a job, however, may not result in a modification. You may need to supply proof that an income reduction resulted from an involuntary event.

When may the court approve changing a child support order?

The Florida Senate website reports that the court may consider your circumstances to have undergone substantial changes. By showing at least a 15% or $50 difference between your income and the current support guidelines, you may establish the required proof. Business receipts, disability benefits and unemployment stubs may serve as examples of changes in your monthly income.

A financial hardship could require a change to a court order. Both parents, however, generally contribute toward a child’s housing, food and healthcare expenses.