How can mediators help with your uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Divorce |

When you decide unanimously to end your marriage, you automatically have a head start over couples who go through contested divorce.

However, uncontested divorce does not necessarily mean you do not need any help getting through it whatsoever. This is where mediation may actually play a crucial, helpful role.

A neutral third party

Harvard Law School discusses the purpose of a mediator in business disputes, and they hold the same role in helping to end a marriage. They essentially work as a neutral third party that helps keep things in perspective for everyone. As they do not have any personal stakes in the matter, they can offer advice and give their opinion without leaning toward a bias. This makes them valuable for those who need a fresh perspective and outlook on issues they need to work through.

Directing the conversation

Mediators also ensure everyone gets to say their piece, in addition to ensuring that arguments do not get out of hand. Even in an amicable divorce, it is entirely possible for feelings to run amok and for actions and words to spiral out of control. A mediator can help ensure these little disturbances do not reach catastrophic proportions.

Mediators in divorce also do not have the power of an arbitrator or a judge. It is not their job to decide the final terms of your divorce for you. Rather, they help you work out all of the details and iron out any rough patches so you can submit the paperwork to the court in a smooth, easy manner.

This allows you to skip through the trials and tribulations of a divorce court case, streamlining your divorce.