Why choose collaborative divorce?

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Collaborative divorce is the process of working through the issues in your divorce in interest-based negotiation. That allows you and your spouse to create agreements that meet your mutual and individual goals and needs.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider choosing collaborative divorce.


Collaborative divorces are confidential. Like a traditional divorce, you can have personal conversations with your legal representative, but you will not have to worry about going to court with your spouse. Instead, your interactions will take place in a comforting office environment instead of the public eye.

Family focus

One of the common reasons to choose collaborative divorce is the focus it places on finding a peaceful resolution through negotiation without court intervention. It acknowledges that your relationship with your spouse will continue, especially if you have children. Therefore, it focuses on helping spouses meet common and individual goals. That means that you and your spouse can move forward positively.


The collaborative process provides an alternative to the traditional divorce process. Instead of a judge, you have control over the outcome of your negotiations. That gives you more room for creativity to come up with the most favorable outcome for your family.

Courtless environment

Most couples would prefer to handle their divorce outside a courtroom. In a collaborative divorce, you will sign an agreement stating that you will try to resolve all of your issues outside the courtroom without the threat of court. Without that threat, you are more likely to resolve your problems peacefully.

Before deciding if this is the right option for you, research the traditional and collaborative divorce processes. Then, after gathering as much information as possible, you can determine the best approach for your family.