How does uncontested divorce differ from traditional divorce?

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The mention of divorce often conjures images of litigation in the courtroom and arguments over assets. The good news is that divorce is not always that way. While traditional divorces often devolve into litigation, conflict and arguments, uncontested divorce offers a path to settlement without hostility.

Understanding how uncontested divorce differs helps you see if it is the right path for you.

Mutual agreement

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on the settlement from the start and can simply sign the papers without argument. This reduces stress, argument and negativity in the process.

Faster resolution

Since an uncontested divorce requires no litigation, most couples find that the divorce settlement comes sooner than it otherwise would. You might receive your decree in as little as a month with an uncontested divorce while contested divorces can take a year or more depending on the court calendars and the litigation process.

More affordable

An uncontested divorce saves both parties money in legal fees. When you eliminate litigation and repeated appearances in court, it reduces the time commitment required from your attorney. This may save you significantly in your total legal fees for the divorce. Your attorney handles the paperwork and consultations, but you save on the hours of courtroom litigation, research, trial preparation and administrative expenses.

When you and your spouse can negotiate amicably and come to a settlement together, filing an uncontested divorce might save you time, money and stress. Consider your options and talk with your spouse about eliminating the conflict of litigation.