Losing your recreational license over child support

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If you have a hard time paying child support, you should go over the options in front of you as soon as possible, such as modifying your child support order or arranging a payment plan. Aside from losing your driver’s license, you could also lose your recreational license if you do not stay current on child support. For example, the state could suspend your fishing or hunting license, which could make you miss out on hobbies you enjoy every day or a trip you planned with your friends.

You should understand how recreational license suspension works in Florida if you worry about losing your hunting or fishing license.

Back child support and recreational license suspension

The Florida Department of Revenue covers the suspension of recreational licenses as a result of unpaid child support. According to the DOR, you will receive a notice from the Child Support Program prior to the suspension of your recreational license. In this notice, you will find information on different ways you can stop the suspension of your recreational license.

Avoiding recreational license suspension over child support

If you want to protect your recreational license, you have a number of options. If you can pay your arrears in full or set up a payment plan within 30 days, you could prevent the suspension of your license. In addition, if you can prove that you have a disability, have filed for bankruptcy or meet other conditions, you can prevent the suspension of your license.

It is also important to address child support problems before you fall behind. For example, modifying your child support order could help you avoid arrears that threaten your recreational license and other aspects of your life.