4 common misconceptions about uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Divorce |

The term “uncontested” often carries a sense of simplicity and ease for divorce. While uncontested divorce can indeed be a smoother process compared to a contested one, sometimes misconceptions contribute to confusion.

There are four common misconceptions about uncontested divorce.

1. Uncontested divorce is quick and painless

Although uncontested divorce is often faster and less antagonistic, that does not guarantee a fast, resolution. The timeframe for finalizing a divorce varies depending on the time required to reach agreements for finances and asset division.

2. You must have total agreement

Another common misconception is that uncontested divorce requires complete agreement on everything before you file. Every couple faces some disagreements. The goal is to reach an agreement on each of those issues as part of the process.

3. The process is always amicable

The general perception of uncontested divorce is an amicable resolution. The truth is that even uncontested cases can come with intense emotions and some conflict. If you can reach an agreement with some civility in your communication, that is enough.

4. You can settle on alimony

Some people assume that an uncontested divorce means sacrificing alimony. If you and your spouse agree on an alimony amount and schedule, you can include that even in an uncontested settlement.

According to Forbes, at least 90% of divorces end uncontested. Understanding the truth behind these common misconceptions helps you determine if an uncontested divorce works for your situation. When you want a way to resolve your divorce without the conflict associated with litigation, uncontested divorce provides that opportunity.