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Co-parenting after divorce

Florida residents fall in love, get married and start families that they intend to nurture and love into adulthood and beyond. Regardless of the intentions, many families break up via divorce while the children are still very young. Parents, by the very nature of being parents, attempt to keep the best interests of the children in mind during this difficult time. The best interests of the children may strongly influence how they decide to parent following a divorce.

Social media posts can affect child custody case

Social media has become so intrinsic to people's everyday lives that there is hardly an aspect of one's life that is free of it in Florida or elsewhere in the country. It has become an issue in a child custody case in another state. The case involved Facebook, a mother and a judge ruling in a child custody case.

Child custody cases are not always black and white

Child custody cases in Florida can be heartbreaking. The judge's decision is based upon what he or she deems is in the best interests of the child. In some cases that is a very clear cut decision, but in others it is not. There can be many factors that go into the child custody decision, including the safety of the child, the ability of a parent to care for the child and even the relationship between a parent and child, particularly once a child becomes old enough to voice a preference.

Preventing child custody issues at school

Some parents find themselves struggling to co-parent with a partner after ending a marriage. Once the child custody decision is finalized, the parents could have a difference of opinion in how it is implemented or one parent could choose to ignore the order entirely. While ignoring a custody order in Florida is never a good idea, some do. Parents with school-aged children can take certain steps to keep the school informed of the parameters of the custody order and minimize problems in the future. 

Shared child custody typically in the best interest of kids

An individual facing divorce proceedings may have questions about how to handle parenting with the soon-to-be ex. During this time, emotions run high, and it can be a challenge to make decisions about how to move forward. For many, a shared child custody plan will be a solution that is both in the child's best interest, and this notion is supported by evidence. In Florida, many parents choose shared custody after a divorce. 

Child custody in the interim

There are many issues that need quick resolution when a married couple separates. From questions about shared bank accounts and credit cards to housing and income concerns, a freshly divorcing couple will have to address it all. One particularly important issue is the question of child custody, if the couple has children together. Individuals in Florida may be wondering how to handle child custody concerns in the interim, before a legal agreement is created, and also when negotiating a permanent agreement. 

Does divorce mean a split from the child, too?

The end of a marriage, like many other endings, can be painful. An individual in Florida facing divorce will likely be grieving the loss of the romantic relationship, but is it necessary to grieve the loss of a child, too? Traditionally, courts have tended to award physical custody to one parent or the other -- usually the mother -- since, in the past, the woman was more likely to stay at home and be the person responsible for child care. Fathers were sometimes separated out of a child's life. Family norms have changed, and recent research about custody arrangements shows that a new approach is supported by science. 

Children need help coping with divorce

In a marriage that is filled with discord, getting divorced can offer much-needed relief for both spouses and even for the children. Unfortunately, the process of getting divorced in Florida can still be emotionally traumatizing during the divorce proceeding and even for several years thereafter for the children. A couple of tips may be helpful for making a divorce proceeding easier for the children to endure.

3 factors that go into child custody determinations

There is a reason why many people refer to child custody cases as battles: they typically involve two parents willing to do whatever they can to "win" parenting time with their child. However, custody is not about winning or losing; it is about protecting a child's best interests and securing a plan that allows a child to receive maximum love and support.

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