Child support dispute for ballplayer and his Florida family

| Oct 26, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

How much support is fair and how long should the support be offered? These are questions that are typically resolved in a family law court by a judge if the two parents cannot come to an agreement. In some cases, child support orders are modified if certain circumstances come about, but usually, the orders are binding. In one recent news story, a baseball star is being taken back to court in Florida over allegations that he is failing to pay court-ordered child support payments.

The man is already married with three children by his wife, but he has also been ordered to support two other children he supposedly fathered with another woman in Florida. He had been making payments of $6,200 per month to cover the children’s expenses. He had also helped the woman purchase a home valued at almost $1 million for herself and the children.

The woman claims that after the purchase of the home the support payments stopped coming. The sports star fired back, claiming that he wants paternity tests for both children. The legal debacle could end up costing the ballplayer over $100,000 per month.

It is unclear whether the paternity tests have been completed. It is also unclear whether the man was obligated to purchase the home, but the support payments appear to be part of an existing support agreement. While the details of the case are sorted out in the courts, the public will have to wait to learn of the results. Both parties have likely hired lawyers to support their quests for what they believe is the proper solution to the case. Other individuals in Florida who are having child support issues may also wish to hire a lawyer to assist with their cases.

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