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Help Throughout The Child Support Process

Child support is an issue that many parents face when they are no longer together with the other parent. In Florida, child support is based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines, which takes into account both parents’ incomes, timesharing, and the costs of child care and health insurance.

Because timesharing is a factor in calculating child support, you should know what child support you will be paying or receiving before you enter into a timesharing agreement with the other parent. You do not want to find yourself later being ordered to receive less than what you need to support your child, or paying too much leaving you unable to meet your other monthly obligations.

Skill And Experience With Child-Support Issues

Whether the other parent has filed an action against you in the circuit court or if the Florida Department of Revenue is involved, Reed Law attorneys are experienced in the area of child support and routinely litigate the various factors that are considered by the court in making a child support determination.

Additionally, the attorneys at Reed Law have considerable experience handling complicated matters with the Department of Revenue, which often may adversely affect your driver’s license, passport, tax refunds or bank accounts.

Do You Have Questions?

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