Florida man charged in alleged domestic violence assault

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Police reports, a car chase and a hideout in a restaurant are all part of this interesting case. Recently, a Florida man, who is a former professional football player, was charged with simple assault and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after reportedly chasing his ex-wife and her mother. The pair had just exited a police station after making statements regarding past domestic violence by the woman’s former husband. 

The man has since been released on bail. He and his ex-wife divorced in 2015, but problems remain between the pair. The most recent argument was about the mother’s intent to take the children to Georgia on vacation. The argument started at a local restaurant and allegedly continued once the family went home to pack for vacation. Apparently, the former football player verbally and physically assaulted his ex-wife. 

The woman later went to a police station to report the incident. After the initial report and petition for injunction for protection against domestic violence, she returned to the police station on the advice of her attorney, who said she should report all prior incidents of abuse. Upon exiting the police station, the woman claims that she saw her ex-husband, who chased her in a car and rammed her vehicle. She drove away and eventually fled into a local restaurant where she called police. The man was later arrested without incident. 

Domestic violence charges have serious consequences in Florida, and the ex-wife has expressed fears for her safety. Hopefully, the injunction will allow the woman to maintain a safe space away from her allegedly abusive husband. Similar problems are often faced by men and women in abusive relationships, and they typically consult a lawyer for guidance and support as they explore their legal options with regards to securing their safety. 

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