Man arrested during traffic stop for child support nonpayment

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Whether one is an unmarried or newly-divorced parent, court-ordered support for a child often means one parent must adjust his or her budget to meet the obligations. Florida courts typically consider many factors when arriving at an amount of child support, including the supporting parent’s ability to pay. When orders for support become a burden, the paying parent has the option to seek a modification through the courts as an alternative to failing to pay what is due.

One man is facing the ramifications of failing to pay child support. The 39-year-old man was recently arrested following a routine traffic stop. Police stopped the man because a headlight on his vehicle was out. When they ran a check on his out-of-state license, they discovered it was currently suspended for nonpayment of child support.

About three hours earlier, a deputy had stopped the man and written him a citation for driving on a suspended license. However, the second time officers ran a check on his license, they learned the man’s license had been suspended seven times for failing to pay court-ordered child support. He was arrested and taken to jail in the same Florida county where the man had been staying with his parents.

Willfully failing to pay child support is considered contempt of court, which may result in jail and fines. A noncustodial parent may also face actions such as wage garnishment and liens on assets. The state of Florida may take these steps even if the order was established in another state. Parents seeking modification of child support or fighting to get the support a court has ordered can seek the assistance of an attorney who has experience in family law.

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