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Child Relocation

Florida’s statutes regarding child relocation are very complicated and burdensome to bring before the court without legal counsel. You may need to speak with an attorney at Reed Law right away if:

  • An order was previously entered that established timesharing for your child, and either parent is contemplating moving more than 50 miles away from their residence at the time the last custody/timesharing order was entered.
  • There is a pending custody action regarding your child and either parents’ relocation is an issue.

Relocation For Military Families

The relocation statute often affects many parents in our area, as many military members have little to no control over when and where they will be ordered to move next.

Many military members do not realize that although they are in the military, they must still comply with Florida’s relocation statute before they move their child. Also, there may be a delay before the court can hear your case, so it is imperative to file the petition for relocation as soon as you know relocation is imminent.

Get Answers To Your Relocation Questions

The Reed Law attorneys are experienced in the area of child relocations, as we routinely represent clients, civilian and military, who either need to relocate or are objecting to the other parent’s relocation. Call our Panama City office at 850-250-4260 or contact us online.