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Modification Of Child Support And Timesharing

If you have a prior child support and/or custody order, and you have either been served with a supplemental petition for modification or are contemplating requesting a modification from the court, the experienced attorneys at Reed Law are here for you.

As things in your life change, such as your job, income, family situation or living arrangements, you can ask the court to modify your prior order. Often parents find that as their children grow older, their needs change, and what once worked for them is no longer viable. This can be true not only with a child’s timesharing schedule but also with child support as it may relate to child care or extracurricular expenses.

Regarding modifying a prior child support order, you should know that the timesharing consideration may have changed since you were last before the court. Therefore, you may wish to meet with an attorney at Reed Law to have your child support recalculated to determine whether you are entitled to a reduction or increase in child support.

The Reed Law attorneys are experienced in the area of child support and custody modifications as we routinely represent clients in these situations.