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Stepparent Adoptions

Adoption by a stepparent can be a wonderful experience for a child who either has a parent that is not involved or is not financially able to provide for their child. Once the other parent agrees to permit a stepparent adoption, the attorneys at Reed Law can assist you in making the adoption a much less frightening, much more enjoyable process.

How The Process Works

For the parent relinquishing his or her parental rights, this process will mean that their ongoing child support obligation will cease, thus keeping them from continuing to accrue child support arrears. For the parent whose spouse will be adopting the child, they will no longer be receiving ongoing child support from the other parent.

Speak With An Attorney

The lawyers at Reed Law are experienced in the area of stepparent adoptions. If you need an experienced family law lawyer, then contact us today. Reed Law provides legal services to clients in Bay, Gulf, Washington, Jackson, Calhoun Walton, Okaloosa and Holmes counties. Call us at 850-250-4260 or contact us online.