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Parenting Plan

In recent years, Florida has taken a new approach to child custody. Previously, parents found themselves debating over who was going to be the custodial parent. Today, the court instead establishes a parenting plan that does not designate either parent as the custodial or visiting parent. The parenting plan includes a timesharing schedule that outlines when the child or children will be with each parent. The parenting plan also establishes how the parents are going to interact regarding their child or children following their separation, and can address many different issues that the parents feel are important to their children and their individual situation.

The Importance Of Legal Help

At Reed Law, our experienced attorneys routinely prepare parenting plan agreements for clients who have resolved all issues concerning their child or children with the other parent. It is very important to have such an agreement drafted, or at least reviewed, by a lawyer, before you sign such an agreement as you alone may not detect how some legal terms in an agreement can lead to an outcome you did not expect.

If two parents are unable to agree to the terms of their parenting plan, the issues will need to be litigated and decided by the court. Don’t risk time with your children or having input in their lives by proceeding to court on parenting plan issues without an attorney.

It is important to note that the timesharing schedule can also greatly impact the amount of child support you will be ordered to pay or receive.

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