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Contested Divorce and Family Law in Panama City

If you are facing a divorce, Reed Law attorneys can help guide you through the entire process. We understand this can be an extremely confusing and difficult time. For this reason, we will get to know your personal circumstances and do everything we can to earn your trust. Divorce involves every single aspect of your life. You will need to consider issues related to custody and visitation; child support; alimony or spousal support; child relocation; and division of property and debts.

Our lawyers are experienced family law practitioners. We routinely handle contested and uncontested divorce issues. Our law firm has a reputation for reducing the contentiousness of serious divorce issues and reaching the kinds of outcomes that can benefit both you and your family.

Looking Out For The Best Interests Of Children

The family law attorneys at Reed Law are able to handle complex child custody matters in the context of divorce, separation, relocation, or domestic violence. Child custody refers to the care, control and maintenance of a minor. We represent parents in matters involving both sole custody and joint custody. The attorneys at Reed Law will help you understand these custody issues and will fight for you during every step in the process.

We also understand how Florida courts determine child support calculations. Our lawyers routinely litigate factors the court considers in making child support determinations. We will work toward finding the most beneficial solution for you.

Property Division Considerations

As it is extremely difficult to foresee the variety of consequences that can arise from division of property and assets, it is always worthwhile to have qualified legal representation on your side. At Reed Law, we understand the numbers. Our firm routinely resolves matters involving division of pensions, retirement plans, real estate and even family-run businesses. We have access to accountants and experts who can value businesses, assets and debts. In complex property division matters, we will provide you with your legal options and protect your interests by putting together the sort of strategy that best meets your needs.

Put Experienced Representation On Your Side

The lawyers at Reed Law in Panama City will get to know your circumstances and speak to you in great detail regarding legal issues surrounding your divorce. To reach our law firm, please call 850-250-4260 or contact us online. We provide representation in contested family law matters throughout Bay, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Okaloosa, Walton and Calhoun counties.